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My friendChad is an Australia wildlife expert and he currently works on contract as a Wildlife Ecologist for the government and various private institutes, he is involved with many conservation projects, from monitoring arboreal mammals in forests to conserving rare raptors in Sydney. He is also undertaking PhD Candidature at the University of Newcastle with a thesis title of “The Restoration Ecology of the Green and Golden Bell Frog” where he is learning the recipe to make the best wetlands, to recreate habitat and reverse declines of threatened pond breeding frogs. In addition, Chad has experience in guiding international wildlife documentary film sets, conducting remediation projects, and delivering motivational and educational presentations for councils, groups and interstate music festivals. He aims to use his experience, knowledge and passionate to inspire a new generation of environmental consciousness.

Chad has a wide range of skills and knowledge, and has worked in many different environments having traveled across Australia. An avid educator of wildlife ecology and environmental remediation. He has advanced identification and ecological survey skills for all fauna groups, vegetation, freshwater macroinvertebrates and targeted surveys for threatened fauna or flora. In addition, Chad also has a keen interest in wildlife photography which he also uses to inspire and educate. If wanting to hire Chads expertise for your conservation project, whether its delivering educational seminars or undertaking fauna/biodiversity monitoring, or even designing a restoration plan for a target species, please contact us.


Walsh, J. and Beranek, C. T. (2017) First nesting pair of Little Eagles Hieraaetus morphnoides recorded in the Sydney region. Australian Field Ornithology 34, 91-94. – Full publication

Beranek, C. T. (2017) A successful long-distance aerial pursuit of an Australian Raven Corvus coronoides by a Brown Goshawk Accipiter fasciatus. Australian Field Ornithology 34, 87-90. – More infoFull publication

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Beranek, C. T. and Hill, E. (2016) The Citizen Scientists Protecting Kuark Forest. Wild Magazine.


05/11/2017 – Understanding Ecosystems – Dragon Dreaming 2017, Wee Jasper, NSW

27/05/2017 – Frogs of the Royal National Park – NPWS training course, Sutherland Shire, ACT

13/05/2017 – Frogs of the Illawarra – Conservation Volunteers Australia, Jervis Bay, NSW

12/05/2017 – Frogs of the Illawarra – Local Land Services, Shoalhaven Heads, NSW

16/04/2017 – Wildlife tour: Along the creek – Origins of Entropy 2017, ACT

15/04/2017 – The Story of Evolution – Origins of Entropy 2017, ACT

12/03/2017 – Frogs and Reptiles of the South Coast – Bega Community, Bega, NSW

10/03/2017 – Frogs of the Illawarra and the Green and Golden Bell Frog – Conservation Volunteers Australia, Primbee, NSW

04/02/2017 – Saving the Wildlife of Sydney – Weird Art Tunes Talks 3, NSW

21/01/2017 – Backyard Conservation – The link between Nature Conservation and Human Health – Regrowth 2017, NSW

25/11/2016 – Backyard Conservation – Finding spirituality with Nature through Conservation – Earthcore 2016, VIC

24/09/2016 – Threatened Species of Manly Vale – Mermaid Pools Bush Regen Group, NSW

01/09/2016 – Backyard Conservation – Lane Cove Council, NSW

12/06/2016 – Finding spirituality with Nature through Wildlife Gardening – Psyland 2016, ACT

02/04/2016 – Backyard Conservation – Conservation Cafe, Sydney Society for Conservation Biology, NSW

08/01/2016 – Frogs of Southern Sydney – South branch meeting, WIRES, NSW

31/10/2015 – Backyard Conservation – Bushcare spring gathering, Sutherland Shire Bushcare, NSW

15/09/2015 – Frog Friendly Gardens – Sutherland Shire Libraries, NSW

11/03/2015 – Garden Habitat for Frogs – Menai Wildflower Group, NSW

15/10/2014 – Frogs of Sutherland Shire – Sutherland Branch, Australian Plant Society, NSW


Jayden Walsh

jayden-with-sahA passionate aspiring Ecologist and Wildlife Photographer from Sydney. Having recently completed his HSC, he now spends his time searching for rare and threatened wildlife in an attempt to protect important areas of bush and increase our understanding of the ecology of elusive and threatened species. Jayden is highly experienced in fauna identification and location. He has extensive experience leading and assisting Birdwatching and Spotlighting tours to engage the local community and the younger generation to explore the world around them, as we are only willing to protect what we understand and appreciate.

Some Wildlife highlights for Jayden having included finding Critically Endangered Swift Parrots and Regent Honeyeaters, the threatened and elusive Barking Owl, Masked Owl, Powerful Owl, Greater Sooty Owl and Red-Crowned Toadlet along with the first sighting of a Common Dunnart for the Northern Beaches, first New Holland mouse for 13 years in Northern Sydney and 2 Southern Brown Bandicoots which were speculated to be recently extinct in all of NSW except for near Eden.

Tours and Presentations

27/11/2016 – Tour: Garigal National Park East: The under-explored gem of Northern Sydney

25/11/2016 – Tour: Expert Guide assisting Coastal Environment Centre’s Warriewood Wetlands Night Stalk

19/11/2016 – Tour: Expert Guide assisting Coastal Environment Centre’s Birdwatching Walk at Warriewood Wetlands and Irrawong Reserve

November 2016 PNHA Newsletter- Composed article on Nocturnal Wildlife of Pittwater

25/09/16 – Tour: Expert Guide for PNHA and FONLC Birdwalk at Warriewood Wetlands

10/09/2016 – Tour: Expert Guide assisting Coastal Environment Centre’s Birdwatching Walk at Deep Creek Narrabeen

07/09/2016 – Presentation at Manly Selective Campus: Threatened Species of Sydney

28/08/16 – Tour: Expert Guide for PNHA Birdwalk at Chiltern Trail

09/07/16 – Tour: Salvation Trail Guided Bushwalk and fauna search

17/4/16 – Tour: Expert Guide for PNHA Birdwalk at Deep Creek

28/2/16 – Tour: Expert Guide for PNHA Birdwalk at Warriewood Wetlands

13/2/16 – Organised and led Threatened Species diurnal and nocturnal searches in Ingleside (Assisted  by Arthur White, Jacqui Marlow and many others)

15/11/15 – (Afternoon) Presentation: PNHA AGM Wildlife of Pittwater including search for Spotted Tail Quoll

15/11/15 – (Morning) Tour: Expert Guide for PNHA Birdwalk at Warriewood Wetlands

20/09/15 – Tour: Expert Guide for PNHA Birdwalk at Irrawong Reserve

September 2015 – Taronga Bird Festival Tour Guide

24/5/15 – Tour: Expert Guide for PNHA Birdwalk at Chiltern Trail

16/11/14 – Tour: Expert Guide for PNHA Birdwalk at Irrawong Reserve

September 2014 – Taronga Bird Festival Tour Guide


Matthew ‘Outback Fletch’ Fletcher

selfie1Matthew Fletcher is an innovative bushman, possessing handy man skills from all trades. From electrical to mechanic to plumbing to fishing to survival. Truly a jack-of-all-trades. He has always had an affinity for nature and the bush, much preferring the company of trees than buildings. He is a skilled and compassionate animal catcher and use to volunteer in turtle conservation.

He is currently undertaking a road trip for a year around the entire coast of Australia with a few stops in the interior as well. He will post critters he finds on his travels, video shorts on bush tips to do with travelling, road tripping, handy man life hacks for bush living and must see locations he finds while exploring the outback. To stay up to date on his travels like and follow the Gumnut Naturalist facebook page.


Outback fletch

The Vision

The ultimate goal is to make the world more beautiful by enhancing biodiversity and finding the perfect synergy between nature and development.

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