Backyard Conservation

Backyard conservation is a movement which seeks to encourage all property owners to leave a section of their backyard as natural habitat to be used by local wildlife. It was Sir David Attenborough himself who popularised the idea, state “the future of wildlife conservation will not lie in reserves and national parks; it will lie in suburban areas. All empty spaces must be made available to wildlife, including backyards and even roadside verges”. As the human population perpetually increases, native animals and plants are getting pushed to the fringes and driven out of their homes. Creating wildlife habitat in your backyard will encourage native animals to life in or at least, safely move through your backyard, which in turn will ultimately conserve a portion of the local biodiversity.

Unfortunately many Australian gardens are being converted to European styled gardens, which have exotic plants and offer local wildlife much less habitat to live in. The vegetation is often cleared for a mono-crop of grass and hedges are often planted around this. Most native Australian animals cannot thrive or let alone exist in such a manicured landscape. The European style garden is outdated and quite frankly incompatible with the style of the Australian landscape. It is time we pay this unique and wonderful land homage and bring back the rugged Aussie bush look back into our gardens.

Creating a wildlife habitat in your backyard is the greatest way to pay respect to that land that you are lucky enough to live on. It is an indication that you acknowledge and pay tribute to the creatures that have called this earth home for millions of years. This online guide aims to give you a thorough understanding of different concepts of wildlife habitat creation you can incorporate in your backyard, along with specific animal sections if you are looking to attract a particular animal to live in your garden.



Programs and support

Many councils in Sydney have recognised the important of habitat backyard creation and have developed grants to support your efforts of creating wildlife habitats in your garden. See below to find out if your region offers habitat backyard creation support or grants.


Bankstown Council:

Free Native Plant Giveaways


Blacktown Council:

Sustainable Living Blacktown eNews


Burwood Council:

Compost Revolution


Campbelltown Council:

Environmental Grant Programs
Canada Bay Council:

Workshops and Events

















Please contact us if you know of any other programs or initiatives which encourage backyard conservation!