Welcoming a new addition to the Gumnut Team: Jayden Walsh

Jayden Walsh is a passionate aspiring Ecologist and Wildlife Photographer from Sydney. Having recently completed his HSC, he now spends his time searching for rare and threatened wildlife in an attempt to protect important areas of bush and increase our understanding of the ecology of elusive and threatened species. Jayden is highly experienced in fauna identification and location. He has extensive experience leading and assisting Birdwatching and Spotlighting tours to engage the local community and the younger generation to explore the world around them, as we are only willing to protect what we understand and appreciate.


Some Wildlife highlights for Jayden having included finding Critically Endangered Swift Parrots and Regent Honeyeaters, the threatened and elusive Barking Owl, Masked Owl, Powerful Owl, Greater Sooty Owl and Red-Crowned Toadlet along with the first sighting of a Common Dunnart for the Northern Beaches, first New Holland mouse for 13 years in Northern Sydney and 2 Southern Brown Bandicoots which were speculated to be recently extinct in all of NSW except for near Eden.  Welcome to the team Jayden!

To view the past tour and presentation Jayden has done and to stay up to date with upcoming tours and presentation he will be involved in, click here and scroll down to Jaydens section.